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Meet Dr. Barry Reid

It All Started With a Farming Accident

Chiropractor Mason, Dr. Barry ReidDr. Reid is a farm kid who grew up on a cattle farm just outside of Nashville. Though his family lived simply, he learned a great deal from his father, a typical John Wayne-type of guy who had an extremely high work ethic. That’s just one of the many things he taught to Dr. Reid.

As they were hauling hay one day, Dr. Reid was driving the tractor that was pulling the wagon where his dad sat. Dr. Reid went through the ditch a little too fast, knocking his father off the hay wagon. It was all they could do to get him back to the house. There, Dr. Reid’s mother announced that they would take his father to the chiropractor. “I didn’t know what was happening, but I knew it was serious business. My dad had never complained a day in his life.”

Joining the Natural Healing Profession

Dr. Reid stayed in the car while his parents were at the chiropractor. He was terrified that his father wouldn’t be okay. Surprisingly, Dr. Reid’s dad walked out of the chiropractor’s office on his own power. This experience was the first that led Dr. Reid to consider chiropractic.

The second was when he visited a friend who was attending Logan University and accompanied him to a gross anatomy lab. “I thought, if there is this much professionalism, detail and depth of learning in a single class, there’s more to it than I realized.” The decision was made, and he attended the same institution for his chiropractic education.

Expertise in Accidents, Injury and More

Since graduating in 2000, Dr. Reid has traveled all over the country to take seminars and classes. He’s presented at a good number of these, too. Most are based on subjects such as whiplash, concussion and traumatic brain injury. The additional qualifications he holds include

  • Certified independent medical examiner
  • Certified in acupuncture (uses needle-free at our office)
  • Certified traumatic brain injury and concussion specialist
  • Certified automobile accident reconstructionist

Dr. Reid has participated with chiropractic organizations, including Master Circle, Next Level, Focus Foundation and more, meeting with fellow chiropractors to learn about or present on a variety of subjects.

Giving Back

Volunteerism is a huge part of Dr. Reid’s life. He believes that we’re all connected, so the more that you can give to others, the better off it will leave all of us. Dr. Reid has two daughters who are both athletes, so he helps coach their volleyball and softball teams. He has volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Mason Food Pantry, Ronald McDonald House, Shriners and Rotary. Additionally, he is the president of his HOA and cheers on the Yankees and Cardinals.

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