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Mason Pediatric Chiropractic

At Mason Spine & Injury Center, we often see parents who are unsure of where to turn to get help with their children’s health challenges. Bed-wetting, ear infections, colic, ADD/ADHD and more can be addressed naturally with chiropractic care.

Stress has profound effects on our mental and physical health. With chiropractic, you can release the physical stress, which gives the rest of your body the ability to function as it should. It’s true for children as well as adults, though adults may have stress like a tight neck or stiff low back that a child wouldn’t necessarily experience.

Newborns and Babies

When your baby is born, there is a great deal of stress placed on their body, even in a natural birth. An MD gives your baby a clean bill of health, which isn’t to be taken lightly! They don’t, however, identify issues such as side-to-side symmetry in your baby. We can reverse any imbalances to be sure they don’t lead to bigger problems later on. In eliminating them, you can foster excellent development and the best possible growth for your baby.

Just like an adult, kids have plenty of stress in their everyday lives. They carry heavy backpacks to and from class. Many participate in sports. Play is still a part of a child’s life when they’re young. All of these physical forms of stress can be relieved through care. By removing any limitations, they can concentrate on the things that are important. Often, parents report that children under chiropractic care have greater concentration, can study for longer periods and seem to be in a better mood.

Many of the teenagers we see are active in soccer, gymnastics and football. We’ll make sure everything in their bodies is working as it should be.

Two of the issues we see most often are bed-wetting and recurring ear infections. In our experience, bed-wetting is nearly always caused by stress. In just a few visits, we typically see great success.

In our 20-plus years in practice, we haven’t had a single ear infection case where a parent had to resort to having tubes surgically placed in their ears. The back of the inner ear and back of the throat are connected by the Eustachian tube. We can allow this tube to unclog so that it can drain as it should, removing the inner ear infection. Your primary care physician might be amazed next time you bring your child in and tell you that surgery won’t be necessary!

You might think that your child would be intimidated to come to a new doctor’s office. Whether you or your child are our new patient, you’ll love that there are no surprises involved. Dr. Reid will inform you of everything done on the first day before starting. When it’s time for your child’s adjustment, you’ll be told how your child will lie down and what they will feel. Dr. Reid earns you and your child’s trust with transparency and understandable, detailed explanations.

We Love Helping Families

Years ago, Dr. Reid had a mom bring in her young daughter, who was experiencing digestive issues. After the girl received care, there was a complete resolution of the problem. When this baby grew up and became a mother herself, she went to see Dr. Reid, reporting that her toddler might be having the same problem. The pediatrician had suggested a surgical procedure. Instead, she received chiropractic care and was able to go to the bathroom as normal.

It is a privilege to have participated in the success stories of so many families in our area. We’d love to help you next!

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