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casual man holding hold hip in painSciatica refers to pain that starts in the low back and extends down one or both legs. It usually gets worse with periods of sitting or standing. Sciatica often affects pregnant women, those with diabetes, and people who are obese.

What Are the Common Causes?

Sciatica is typically caused by one of the three branches of nerve roots next to the spine being compressed. Moving the compressed areas of the nerve root back into the proper alignment typically reduces and eliminates the nerve irritation and compression, which gets rid of the radiating pain.

Other causes include arthritis, degeneration, disc bulges and herniations, tight muscles (leading to sciatica-based pain in the seat), and auto accidents.

  • Hip pain
  • A tingling or burning feeling down the leg
  • Weakness, numbness, or a difficult time moving the leg or foot
  • Continual pain that affects one side of the buttocks
  • A shooting pain that makes it uncomfortable to stand up

Typically, with sciatica-based cases, we review imaging before treatment, and go over those images with patients, so we, and they, know what the problem is, what the plan is, how long it will take to get them feeling better, and answer any questions they have.

Decompression, both in the office and at home, is used. This modality allows patients to have available options to manage their discomfort themselves once it is under control. We use gentle and specific movements to increase the spacing in the area where the nerve roots are being compressed. Various effective techniques are also used.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long until patients typically notice relief?

Relief of sciatica can be immediate, and there are typically positive changes within a handful of treatments.

Will I need surgery?

There are many cases where patients are told they need surgery for their disc issue or sciatica. We have worked with many of these cases and prevented surgery from being needed.

A Patient Success Story

One patient, who has a 2-year-old son, was going through a divorce. Because she had sciatica, she could not take her son to the playground. Through the process of getting divorced, her husband attempted to state that she was an unfit mother because she couldn’t take care of the little boy, which was because of her sciatica.

She came to Mason Spine & Injury Center, was treated, and her sciatica was corrected. The patient regained her ability to take her son to the park, which she presented to the courts, and she was granted primary custody of her son.

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